Morocco’s National Industrial Growth Plan chaired by the King

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Last week, the 2014-2020 national industrial growth plans was launched led by His Majesty King Mohammed VI in Casablanca, Morocco Morocco’s National Industrial Growth Plan chaired by the Kingsigning 14 documents, including 33 conventions.

The said program will reinforce the Kingdom’s economic resilience, and confirm its place among emerging nations.

The ambitious plan is “an evolution of Emergence towards performing ecosystems in order to consolidate gains and expanding results” as describe by the country’s economy minister.

Following the strategy sets will place Morocco a secured economic track among other developed countries in America, Europe, Middle East and Africa continents.

The 10 key measures that the national industrial growth plan consists are creation of a new dynamic and a new relationship between large groups -steering enterprises- and SME’s, reinforcement of the status of industry as a job-generating activity, particularly for young people, and optimization of the social and economic impact of public procurement through industrial clearing.

This plan aims to support the transformation of the informal to the formal sector by establishing a comprehensive mechanism for the integration of very small enterprises, meet the essential stake of matching skills with enterprise needs, setting up a public industrial investment fund, with a budget of 20 billion DH by 2020, and the creation of more accessible for-rent industrial parks.

In relation to governance, the minister revealed the future creation of an inter-ministerial committee in charge of coordinating and implementing the industrial growth plan which is set to turn Morocco into “an industrial and social champion”, noting that Morocco boasts “collective energy and human and material means to achieve this necessary transformation”.

Following this, the King chaired the signing ceremony of 14 documents, including 33 conventions related to the 2014-2020 industrial growth plan. The ceremony took place in the presence of the head of the government, advisors to the King, government members, representatives of the diplomatic corps accredited in Rabat and several industrial professionals and operators.