Morocco’s Ministry of Tourism evaluates demand in 2013

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The Ministry of Tourism disclosed the result of their research with regard to the tourism demand Morocco has received last year.

Morocco’s Ministry of Tourism evaluates demand in 2013

Morocco’s Ministry of Tourism evaluates demand in 2013

The main objective of the study is to monitor and observe the activities and behavior of tourism demand in the country. There is over 10 million tourists visited Morocco in the year 2013 counting the 5.3 million foreigners in which people from France have the biggest share followed by Spain and the UK, whereas North Americans, North Africans and Middle Easterners got the smallest share.

The seasonal holidays are fairly distinct with a distribution of arrivals throughout the year even if they are a little smaller in winter. It also shows that more than half of these tourists have already visited Morocco including French, Spanish and Italians and those who seek recreation and relaxation, while business trips accounted for almost 10% of total arrivals.

According to the research the choice of destination is influenced by the reviews from the internet, recommendations adding up the visitor’s previous stay. However, the choice of destinations in Morocco remains ultimately motivated by the climate, geographical proximity and the attractive price, according to the survey.

The survey also shows that three quarters of tourists have organized their own individual trip, while 18% opted for the packages. The majorities of foreign tourists have long been prepared for their journey, while 53% of those who are less subject to the constraints of accommodation, are preparing for later or less than a month before leaving.

Among foreign tourists, stays in classified hotel dominated the commercial accommodation while 15% represents to those who stay at noncommercial accommodation. Six out of ten tourists booked their accommodation online, one quarter have contacted the host directly and in 23% are booked through a travel agency or a tour operator.

With regard to destinations, the tourists allocated their time in hiking, visiting monuments and, beach front. The survey also shows that foreign tourists spent 41.3 billion dirham last year which accounts to 62% of tourism revenue in the country. Nearly half of these expenditures are devoted to accommodation and restoration.

Mohamed Dekkak