Morocco’s Khalladi wind farm, all set

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The budget for the implementation of the Khalladi wind farm project has been completed which marked as another step of Morocco towards its initiative to promote clean renewable energy.

Morocco’s Khalladi wind farm, all set

Morocco’s Khalladi wind farm, all set

In general, this project focuses on the development, construction, ownership and operation of a 120 MW wind farm situated in Jebel Sendouq-Khalladi in the north, near Tangiers.

Khalladi wind farm will allow private producers of electricity to supply customers especially the industrial sector directly connected to the high voltage network. Eighty five per cent of the energy produced will be sold to three large industrial customers.

The remainder of the energy produced will be sold either through a short-term contract framework sale of electricity or to ONEE.

The project financing has been completed without any subsidies. It is based on long-term debt as well as the contribution of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) in cooperation with the Clean Technology Fund (Clean Technology Fund – CTF), and the Moroccan Foreign Trade Bank (BMCE). EBRD and the BMCE proposed a budget of 126 million Euros. These funds will finance not only the construction and operation of the wind farm but also its maintenance.

Once operational, the wind farm will be generating more than 630 MW of clean energy. The project will help in the goal of Morocco to develop 2,000 MW of wind capacity by 2020. The project is expected to significantly reduce the emission of greenhouse gases of about 200,000 tons of CO2 per year.

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