Morocco’s Economic Statistics Showing Impressive Growth

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Minister in-charge of General Affairs and Governance, Mohamed Najib Boulif said that allMorocco’s Economic Statistics Showing Impressive Growth Morocco’s economic indicators are improving despite the difficult international economic context during the MAP forum last week.

He further stated that foreign investments, tourisms, transfers from expats and reserves of foreign currencies are showing a positive trend.

The indexation of petrol products prices, decided by the government, is part of the reform mechanisms of the compensation fund, thus, the Minister downplayed an eventual social impact of this measure, stressing that the impact is insignificant.

Earlier, Morocco has improved its business regulation the most compared to global economies as reported in Doing Business 2012 that shows r quick growth in improving the country’s investment climate, ranking 94th among 183 economies measured in Doing Business 2012 – climbing 21 places from its ranking in the 2011 report.

Also, notably, the Government of Morocco has been keen on maintaining the momentum of the reforms and has requested assistance from international groups in providing follow-up advisory services to take stock of ongoing reforms and reactivating of past years development plans.