“Morocco will be part of the EU priorities for the next five years” – European Diplomat

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“Morocco will be one of Europe’s priorities for the next 5 years”, this was the statement expressed by Head of European Union Delegation to MoroccoMorocco will be part of the EU priorities for the next five years – European Diplomat Ambassador Rupert Joy during Europe Day 2014 celebration last week.

On his speech, the European diplomat said Morocco occupies a special place in the EU’s efforts to build a more democratic neighborhood, prosperous and becoming more stable for years. “This is a natural partner for the EU,” he claimed.

He added that the 50th relationship between Morocco and the European Union is encountering some row from time to time but, is always been able to overcome, through a frank and open dialogue with its desire to ensure mutual benefit. “I have full confidence in the future of this partnership“, he said.

The European official recalled a the commitment of the EU in Moroccan initiatives “most innovative” as the Government Plan for Equality, and rapid response to each new ambition “as the reform of the justice that EU immediately decided to support.

But beyond this cooperation from the Advanced Status 2008, Morocco and the EU aim to deepen their ties in all fields. “Our geographical proximity, our shared values and our common challenges must make our relationship. The year 2013 was a dynamic year for the partnership, with two “firsts” for the Southern Neighborhood, the launch of negotiations for an Agreement on Comprehensive Free Trade & depth (CAFTA) and the signing of a Partnership Mobility” he explained.

To consolidate these remarkable achievements, the Ambassador said that the EU will continue to provide further integration of the Moroccan economy in its domestic market as it will promote common prosperity for both countries.

“The EU will remain with Morocco in its efforts to create a more democratic and inclusive society, to meet the aspirations of Moroccans”, as he ended the speech.


Mohamed Dekkak