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London based Legatum Institute; an independent, non-partisan public policy organizationMorocco, Wealthiest Country in North Africa whose studies, publications, and programs advance ideas and courses of action in aid of free and flourishing communities across the globe has released its latest prosperity index annual ranking.
Prosperity Index 2013 shows that Morocco is the most prosperous country in North Africa. Tunisia ranked the second affluent nation in North Africa, right ahead of Algeria and Egypt.
The index is basing the rank of countries on a variety of criteria, which includes governance, economy, entrepreneurship,  education, business opportunities, battle opposing corruption, human development, health, individual freedoms, along with national security.

With a total of thirty-eight African nations under the Legatum Institute’s prosperity analysis, the Kingdom of Morocco acquired the third spot as the most prosperous country in Africa, immediately before Northern Africa and Botswana. Sitting at the 4th spot is Tunisia, followed by Namibia, Algeria, Ghana, Senegal, Rwanda, Zambia, and Egypt while Mauritania got the 26th spot on the list.