Morocco Topped States in Sustainable Energy Index 2013

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The latest Arab Future Energy Index or AFEX showed results that Kingdom of Morocco SHAMCI bannertogether with Tunisia and Jordan occupies the highest rank in development and capabilities on energy efficiency.
Still holding the top place, Jordan, Morocco, and Egypt overpower 13 other states under the renewable energy category.

The result of the AFEX report helps policymakers shape the long-term transitions and strategies on national energy, formulate laws & regulations, strengthen institutional capacity, boost local scientific research, and draw in investments.

Also, the index supports local and global investors to understand better the readiness of Arab states’ in the field.
The index is published in 2 major separate reports: AFEX Energy Efficiency, and AFEX Renewable Energy, the index offers both qualitative and quantitative analysis for important renewable energy & energy efficiency market dimensions.

Nations are rated under over twenty indicators that present significant energy market aspects which include institutional and technical capacities, policies, strategies, investments and socioeconomic data. The information is collected from both local and international resources to ensure transparency and accuracy.

According to AFEX 2013 Key Findings, Arab region has significant unutilized renewable energy resources that could diversify energy supply and develop environmental performance. Nearly all nations have adopted long-term technology-specific renewable energy targets.
Energy price subsidies remain a key challenge for energy efficiency in almost all Arab countries. All Arab nations have a lot of untapped capability for energy efficiency in the utility sector
The Executive Director of the Regional Center for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency stated that to be able to allow sustainable energy transitions in the Arab region, first is to determine precisely where the region is now in comparison with neighboring countries and the globe. AFEX seeks to respond to this question in an informed means. It worked hard the past 2 years to gather, track, evaluate, and disseminate important bits of information. The company’s goal is to inform the Arab region, its member states, and the globe what is significant to learn regarding sustainable energy markets in this part of the globe.