Morocco Telecom weighs 37 million customers

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This is apparent in essence the last activity report of the incumbent. Thus, in 2013, AMI has been an eventful year, marked primarily by the opening on June 17 of the same year of its new headquarters.

Morocco Telecom weighs 37 million customers

Morocco Telecom weighs 37 million customers

The global economic crisis and intense competition in the telecommunications markets have not been due to the activity of the group. The number of mobile, fixed and Internet customers amounted to 37 million at the end of 2013, the practice of regular price cuts will literally helped “democratize the offer.” Last year, twenty new branches were created. The network now has 387, of which 27 are dedicated to businesses and four to Key Accounts and refurbished 51 branches.

At the end of 2013, customers of the incumbent could always be near one of the 72,000 outlets referenced. Meanwhile, 3G could quickly gain ground during the past year. No less than 72.8% of Moroccans have access to mobile internet and multimedia services (video conferencing, streaming, downloads, online games), against 64.3% at the end of 2012 from 2008 to late 2013, nearly 7,200 remote communities have been served, which represents nearly 97% of the goals set by the international access to telecom program.

Beyond these figures, 20,000 more isolated communities were covered by the end of 2013 the operator, thereby helping to reduce the digital divide. The contribution of subsidiaries to the results of Morocco Telecom Group also felt in the context of South-South cooperation and the development of sub-Saharan subsidiaries. Which undeniably weighed positively on the group’s results.

The great challenge of the coming years for the technology sector communication remains the top and very high speed. The Group spent again significant resources for investment, especially up and deploy high-speed broadband by upgrading existing infrastructure in depth and to strengthen national and international connectivity of Morocco and the countries of the subsidiaries through the construction Terrestrial Cable Trans African, along 5,700 kilometers.

The fiber optic cable will link Morocco to Burkina Faso and Niger, via Mauritania and Mali. It will strengthen significantly the very national and international connectivity of the countries he irrigates.

Mohamed Dekkak