Morocco, Solid Competitor to Host F1 Grand Prix

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Morocco has reportedly been developed as a strong contender to join the Formula OneMorocco, Solid Competitor to Host F1 Grand Prix calendar.
According to Germany’s Bild newspaper, Formula One’s chief executive revealed through an announcement last week in London that a new F1 contract worth $600 million has been completed.
The report also concluded that the Kingdom of Morocco might be behind the deal and a future candidate to host an F1 Grand Prix especially after the recent Abu Dhabi Grand Prix where F1 chief executive was seen with King Mohamed VI.
“The most likely possibility seems to be that the deal is for a Grand Prix in the North African country of Morocco”, wrote by a leading F1 business writer on Autoweek magazine.
In 1958, Morocco have been hosted the F1 Grand Prix and so far, Africa is now the only continent not represented on the current Formula One calendar.
Casablanca was said to be the potential location for an F1 Grand Prix if it will ever land in Morocco.