Morocco, More Solar Plants By Q4

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Government of Morocco revealed the plan to build more solar power plants in the country Morocco, More Solar Plants By Q4starting 4th quarter of this year.
International companies will have then to prepare as more tenders will be floated for the construction of these solar power plants.
Morocco Solar Energy Agency (MASEN) said that Morocco wants to construct one solar plant near the southern city of Ouarzazate with 200 megawatts (MW) power output capacity and another with 100 MW capacity.
Masen already recognized the parabolic mirror technology of 200 MW concentrated solar plant, while the 100 MW plant will also be built as a solar power tower.
Government owned National Electricity and drinking water (ONEE) consented international lenders to construct around 10 solar photovoltaic plants all over the country to generate 30 MW in helping stabilizing its electricity network as it is encountering a growing demand.
A Chinese firm signed a contract to build a 318 MW coal-fired plant in Morocco few months back seeking to diversify production and export electricity to energy-hungry Europe.
Morocco is spending profoundly to promote power production. Currently, Morocco is importing power from Spain as its utilization raises by around 7 percent year.