Morocco Ranks 2nd in the World’s Cities without Slums

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The “Cities without Slums” (VSB) Program has classified Morocco as the second largestMorocco Ranks 2nd in the World’s Cities without Slums in terms of reducing slum populations out of 85 cities.
The Moroccan success story in battling against substandard housing can inspire developing countries.
The “Cities without Slums” (VSB) program to rid the country once and for all, unsafe and unplanned settlements have been cited by the UN-Habitat. The agency
The “Cities without Slums” (VSB) program has, since its launch in 2004, a boost to the effort of producing accessible to poor layers or limited income housing.
The rate of implementation of the VSB program, it is 70%, according to data provided by the Ministry of Housing, Planning and Urban Policy.
Already, the lives of more than 200,000 households receiving this mega program have improved, 56% of targeted families.
According to Jean Yves Barcelo, inter-regional adviser to the UN-Habitat, Morocco is ranked second worldwide in terms of reduction rate of slum population, 45.8% for the period 2000 – 2010.
This ranking appears the “TOP 20” countries selected by UN-Habitat, which contribute to the reduction of urban divide by improving the living conditions of slum dwellers. This is a response to the target 11 of the Millennium Development Goals, aimed at “improving the lives of at least 100 million slum dwellers by 2020.”
UN-Habitat, in its report on the state of cities in the world (2010-2011), thus welcomes the VSB program.
“Mobilization of public land (over 8,000 acres to date), despite its uneven geographical distribution” and “involvement of the banking system in the eradication of slums” are among the cited factors contributing to increase social housing offers safe.
The agency also cited among the economic sectors that have contributed to this dynamic: the outstanding mortgage and the rate of production of housing loans.