Morocco ranked 16th worldwide on port logistics

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Morocco has been ranked in 16th place in 2014 in terms of maritime connectivity according to statistics report.

Morocco ranked 16th worldwide on port logistics

Morocco ranked 16th worldwide on port logistics

An important classification that should largely to the exploitation of the Tangier Med port. It should be noted that before the entry into service of the latter, Morocco occupied the 84th rank.

The Kingdom now ranks first in Africa and Latin America. On the other hand, the United Arab Emirates (15th), Italy (14th) and Spain (13th), while the first place is occupied by France. This index measures the connectivity network liner shipping of a country and its integration into world trade. Moreover, it is taken regularly in assessing the competitiveness country. At this level, they can say that Tanger Med has become a hub port, industrial and leading logistics. It is connected to 161 ports and 63 countries across 5 continents, while all of these connections opens new prospects for Moroccan exporters and improve their logistics performance.

Industrial exports of the entire industrial platform, Tanger Med in 2014 increased by 40% compared to 2013. They thus exceeded 40 billion dirhams in 2014, according to figures released by Tanger Free Zone (TFZ ).

This performance is explained by the rise in exports of Renault Tangier and higher deliveries of equipment to other automakers in Europe.

In terms of associated logistics flows, 2014 figures indicate an upsurge of practically 20% in 2014 compared to a year earlier, with almost 160,000 transactions in all areas of the industrial platform Tangier Med.

This increase was urged primarily by changes in the activity of four sectors that are the foundation of this industrial platform. There is talk of the automotive, electronics, aeronautics and textiles. Similarly, 2014 was also marked by the installation of new industrial units on the industrial platform Tanger Med, which required private investment 800 million dirhams and generated the creation of 2,000 new jobs.

Mohamed Dekkak