Morocco public transport gets $200m programme

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The World Bank has declared a US$200 million programme in order to advance urban mobility in Morocco, particularly in  quality and management of public transport.

Morocco public transport gets $200m programme

Morocco public transport gets $200m programme

The transport programme will concentrate  on cities in nine regions in Morocco. Its purpose is to strengthen the capacity of local authorities to plan and monitor public transport, centrally and locally.

The main objective is to improve the quality of urban transport services, with a large reduction in travel time.

Morocco evaluates the financing for its urban transport sector will reach $3 billion over a decade.

The goal of its national plan is for two reasons: to improve the redion’s management and make it financially sustainable; and to build a web of urban transport corridors within larger cities. The Bank will support the government’s plan with expertise and global knowledge.

The World Bank has stepped up its engagement in the urban transport part  in Morocco over the past few years. A Development Policy Loan (DPL) was launched in 2011 to boost  the sector’s authority  and increase urban transport and infrastructure.

This was linked with regular technical assistance for the Moroccan government’s transport strategy, along with research to deepen its knowledge of the sector with studies such as the Casablanca Gender and Transport report released in 2011.


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