Morocco province anticipates new road network development

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The province of Tata in Morocco is about to see new road projects under the framework of the National Initiative for Human Development (NIHD).

Morocco province anticipates new road network development

Morocco province anticipates new road network development

A total of 106.50 million dirham will be outlaid for the planned rural roads. In reference to the report that the Division of Social Action released, the amount of 41.10 million dirham will be assigned to the roads underway in Douar Nkhila-RR 111 (21km), Douar Ait Ouhamane RN-12 (2 miles), and the road Douar Ait Mansour 1743 (16 km). The remaining budget is allocated to fund the construction of the connecting regional road Ouled Mrah N.111 (35 km) and the  road developments Akinan-Wakis (10 km), Tanfert RR-109 (4.43 km), Aioual-Taghmert (12 km) and Beni Moussa national road N.12 (10 km).

According to the Provincial Directorate of Equipment and Transport of Tata, around 183.10 million dirham is the budget for the construction of more than 228 km of roads and other structures like bridges in Tata for the year 2013 to 2016.

Furthermore, the projects in progress as part of the National Rural Roads Program (NRRP2) focus on the construction and renovation of 179 km of roads and the construction of three bridges as well as the construction of 275 km of rural roads with a total cost of 176 million dirham. The said program aims to increase the rate of access of rural population to the road network to 66% and opening it to 14,600 people.

These plans are expected to end the geographical isolation of the province of Tata by improving internal linking ways and construction of integrated connections to the national grid.

Mohamed Dekkak