Morocco Prioritizes Green Projects and Developments

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According to the Minister of Agriculture and Marine Fisheries, initial plans are underway with the Ministry of Finance to allocate targeted toGreen Morocco Plan ensure a good return on grants approved channels. One of the priority is the Green Morocco Plan.

“After successfully boosting the agricultural upstream and without neglecting the future, one of our priorities for the coming years is the transformation and commercialization,” he revealed. Not only to reorganize has the wholesale had markets for the plant sector but also livestock markets and slaughterhouses for livestock sectors.

Another targeted project is the water desalination, according to the Minister, there will be a meeting to be conducted in May with some farmers in order to reach a solution.

As part of the initiative, the Department of Agriculture has approved Professional 9 courses in agriculture, including cereal sectors, arboreal or poultry.

Morocco’s Department of Agriculture is continuing with a consultation with professionals, the necessary steps at the main producing areas to enable the organization of farmers in representative regional associations.

The process has already benefited the olive oil sector with the national association last December. Same approach will be applied to the grains sector.

Mohamed Dekkak