Morocco preps to meet national demand for Phosphate

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The National Agency for Phosphate Mining in Morocco (OCP) has been in preparation for a boost in demand for phosphate-enhanced fertilizer as the world population grows by over 53 percent by the year 2050.

Morocco preps to meet national demand for Phosphate

Morocco preps to meet national demand for Phosphate

The additional supplies is expected to double the company’s mining capabilities.

According to the agency, they are one of the first African firms who are concerned in reducing the carbon footprint from its operations by lowering its discharges of polluting gasses and implementing an environmentally responsible way of handling the wastes.

In 2014, the Moroccan company reprocessed more than 19 tons of metal wastes. OCP’s approach in expanding its efficient utilization of water includes the firm’s Jorf Lasfar desalination plant and green projects in many Moroccan municipalities.

It is said that the initiative to adapt green practices links to the Green Morocco program of King Mohammed VI, which creates jobs for the farmers in the kingdom and other African countries through its soil analysis, which has collected 26,000 samples from 6.8 million hectares of land to measure the farmland’s fertilizer requirement.

According to the CEO of the OCP, the agency is on its track to be the world’s largest producer of fertilizers by the year 2017 brought by the construction of the four new centers mandated to formulate the products crucial for the world’s agriculture industry.

Morocco phosphates account  to approximately 75 percent of the world’s phosphate reserves, as stated by the United States Geological Survey.

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