Morocco prepares for the 5th Solar Expo

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More than 90 exhibitors and 6,000 guests are expected to attend the upcoming Solar Expo 2016 on February 23 to 25 which will be held at the Exchange Office Exhibition in Casablanca.

Morocco prepares for the 5th Solar Expo

Morocco prepares for the 5th Solar Expo

Solar Expo Morocco digs its groove in the Moroccan energy landscape. The country is steadily carving out a place in renewable energy, including solar. This professional convention is dedicated to solar power and energy efficiency in Morocco.

According to organizers, the increased projected number of participants reflects that this edition will do better than the last year’s exhibition.

Solar Expo Morocco intends to support the development of the sector, while popularizing the information by making it accessible through open free of charge training courses.

Furthermore, the event also aims to encourage the students to pay more attention to the sector, through workshops. Solar Expo and Morocco is expected to offer professionals a global overview of the African and Moroccan market, the newest trends in the sector, as well as innovations in renewable energy and energy efficiency.

The event is also presented as a seam of visions and ambitions between an Africa engaged in the extensive electrification and reduction in energy dependence, with the rest of the world in search of new markets.

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