Morocco, Most Popular Tourist Spot In Mediterranean Regions

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The international federation of tourism journalists and authors has announced last week FDI Speaks Morocco Ranks 2nd As Most Attractive Country In Africathat Morocco is one of the most popular Mediterranean tourist destinations.
During the Federation congress last week in Marrakech, the group’s chairman expressed admiration for the development of tourism facilities in Morocco in the last decade, highlighting the legendary hospitality enjoyed by tourists in Marrakech.
He also argued that Mediterranean destinations ought to promote complementarily among them, instead of waging fierce competition.
It has been noted that following the phosphate industry, the tourism sector is the second largest foreign exchange earner in Morocco.
The Moroccan government is heavily investing in tourism development and for Westerners; Morocco holds an immediate and enduring fascination.
The seducing, enriching and attractive Moroccan culture and lifestyle mixed with the blissfully unspool Mediterranean beaches make Mediterranean holidays to Morocco the ultimate prize for many beach lovers, and rightly so.
The Federation has chosen Marrakech and Casablanca for its 2013 congress, general assembly and executive committee meeting.
Over 150 journalists, writers and lecturers from 22 countries are taking part in these meetings that winded up last September 13.
Founded in 1954, the federation boasts over 600 members from the five continents.