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London-based economic intelligence provider for Middle East, Africa, Asia, and LatinMorocco Poised for 2020 Tourism Vision America reported that the integrated strategy implemented by Morocco for the development of the tourism sector will attract 20 million tourists per year by 2020. This will place the Kingdom as one of the the top 20 tourism destinations in the world.
The first and second quarter of 2013 records around seven million tourists, which marks an increase of 6.76% compared to the same period last year, the study said.
Presently, Morocco is on the initiative to attract tourists from Latin America, Eastern Europe, the Gulf and Asia. As the Moroccan tourism office aims to commence a satellite office in Brazil, experts says that the Kingdom’s presence in Latin America would attract 30,000 visitors to Morocco by 2014. Added to that, this step would strengthen connections between Brazil and Morocco.
According to the study, Morocco is also trying to draw tourists from non-traditional markets in Europe including Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary which has already shown a visit increase of about 88%.
Another target country includes the Gulf region. At present, Morocco’s largest market in the MENA region with more than recorded 70,000 tourists in 2012 is the Saudi Arabia.
The study further showed that Morocco also targets to double the number of British tourists by 2016, which currently stands at 500,000 tourists per year.
Morocco is poised to achieve the 2020 Vision in the tourism sector, with the objectives of increasing the overall accommodation capacity by 375 000 beds, and creating 17,000 new jobs.