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The Institute of Research in Solar Energy and New Energies (IRESEN) has just reiterated its commitment to funding a research project involving all Moroccan public universities for the development of a map of the photovoltaic producible in Morocco.

Morocco maps Photovoltaic production

Morocco maps Photovoltaic production

This represents a major innovation and differs from conventional methods because it allows obtaining maps calibrated to soils with a high degree of correlation.

In addition, this project is part of the five million dirham InnoPV project which was launched in 2013 to develop a mapping for the forecast of photovoltaic producible in the Kingdom for different photovoltaic modules. This ambitious national research project entitled “Photovoltaic Productivity regionally throughout Morocco” resulted in the design of the actual photovoltaic producible in Morocco.

The said innovation allows obtaining maps calibrated to soils with a high degree of correlation with three photovoltaic technology modules, implemented in 20 Higher Education establishments.

Consequently, the cards will generate data that will aid developers and investors in the decision regarding the performance of photovoltaic modules and therefore ensure profitability of the renewable energy project. Equally, the project will enable operators to have an annual forecasting tool for photovoltaic producible in Morocco.

In order to achieve the plan, IRESEN equipped institutions with a network of photovoltaic plants of two kW each, at the 20 higher education institutions. Moreover, each core consists of three generators for each of the three technologies of photovoltaic modules.

The operation of these plants also allows participating institutions to save almost 10,000 dirham per year of electricity annually and avoid 900 tonnes of greenhouse gases.

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