Morocco Have Major Assets to be Africa’s Bona fide Investor

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Morocco’s Minister Industry, trade, investment, and numeric economy announced that the Morocco Have Major Assets to be Africa’s Bona fide InvestorKingdom acquires major assets from its geo-strategic situation, economic potential and development level that make it as above-board investor in Africa.

The Minister underscored that the country can perform this vital role through innovative approaches such as training and hiring local human resources, adding that Morocco considers its African roots and European proximity as a key factor in the consolidation of its political, economic, social and cultural gains.

The statement was made during the opening of the France-Africa Forum held last week in Paris. “Morocco, a crossroads of civilizations and land of tolerance, possesses, thanks to its geo-strategic situation, its economic potential and development level, major assets enabling the country to play the role of investor in Africa”, the minister said.

The forum which was themed, “for an economic partnership model between Africa and France” gives opportunity to the official to discuss the economic, industrial and financial partnership of the two countries.

He emphasized that France-Africa partnership should be redefined and mutually-profitable, noting that France, which has maintained for decades, a strong political, economic and cultural proximity with African continent needs to reinvent its relations with the Continent which is becoming a growth engine for Europe and a space of economic opportunities.

He also recommends that France should devise and implement jointly with African countries a genuine strategy of co-development and co-emergence.