Morocco looks to enhance  infrastructure investment from Gulf

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Morocco wants more and improved infrastructure to take advantage of its possible as an export and manufacturing entryway to Europe and Africa and the Arabian Gulf is in an great location to provide it, according to Aziz Rabbah, Morocco’s minister of equipment, transport and logistics.

Morocco looks to enhance  infrastructure investment from Gulf

Morocco looks to enhance  infrastructure investment from Gulf

Morocco must build more railways and airports, and upgrade infrastructure. The GCC’s infrastructure is great. Abu Dhabi’s ports and airports are remarkable. The railways in the works in Qatar and Saudi Arabia are exceptional.

Morocco needs investment in industry, infrastructure, agriculture and industrial zoning projects, according to Hamid Ben Elfadil, the chief executive of the Moroccan Investment Development Agency at the Annual Investment Meeting, which concluded in Dubai this month.

The Gulf can be more than ever supporting and accommodating to Morocco in terms of infrastructure, since its experience of building infrastructure rapidly, its proficiency in infrastructure design and implementation.

Last month, the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed, met King Mohammed VI of Morocco in Casablanca to talk about “social, political, and economic cooperation” between the two nations.

The two leaders inked 11 contracts in areas involving education, sports, culture, customs, security, health, politics, energy, Islamic affairs, health, communications, tourism and infrastructure.

Morocco will need all the assistance it can get, as it seeks to instill vitality into its economy.

Mohamed Dekkak