Morocco looks for investments in urge for renewables

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Morocco’s recently announced their goal to generate more than half of its electricity from renewables by 2030 presents resilient trade and commerce opportunities.

Morocco looks for investments in urge for renewables

Morocco looks for investments in urge for renewables

By 2030, Morocco intends to produce 52% of its electricity from renewables, as well as two gigawatts each from solar, wind and hydroelectric power

Presently, Morocco is the Middle East’s biggest energy importer at above 97% of its total, the World Bank revealed.

Signifying the robust investment and business capability, the Moroccan Agency for Solar Energy’s (Masen) solar integrated projects arrange for $9 billion in investment by 2020.

Meeting the motivated renewable energy objectives in Morocco will necessitate global investment and sharing of international best practices, as the nation flicks the equation from being an energy importer to potential exporter.

Persuading innovative business opportunities and advancement in the solar markets of Morocco and the region is the WFES Solar Expo. Above 150 solar exhibitors will cooperate with project developers, innovators and buyers to experience the most recent solar modernizations, discover with reference to solar trends and network through solar specialists at the WFES conference.

Noor, the signature solar project in Morocco, which is established to be the biggest concentrated solar power plant in the world, with a capacity of above 500 megawatts and regulated to power 1.1 million residential areas by 2018.

On the other hand, Masdar and the Moroccan government just revealed a collaboration to set up solar home systems in above 17,000 homes in rural Morocco. Masdar averred that Morocco is one of three important markets in the Middle East and North Africa for renewable energy investment in the next 10 years.

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