Morocco Leads Global Seafood Expo

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Morocco is now the Global Seafood Expo, the largest European exhibition dedicated entirely to the seafood which has been opened in Brussels.Morocco Leads Global Seafood Expo

Morocco takes part for the 15th time this professional fishing with a delegation representing the different districts of the national fishing. The goal is to emphasize the national capability and know-how in the field of fisheries, conquer new markets and merging Morocco’s position as a regional plan for export seafood to Europe.

42 domestic ventures dwell in 600 m2 of exhibition space dedicated to Morocco. Their services cover a wide range of products ranging from fresh and frozen fish to canned and semi-preserved fish through the marinated fish and derivatives.

The Moroccan participation is distinguished by the quality of products and the highly integrated fisheries sector, which now offers fresh and processed products, the statement said, noting that the Moroccan participation “reflects the success of the major reforms in Morocco launched in the field of fisheries.”

In 2011, for instance, indicated that Morocco Export twenty Moroccan exhibitors Global Seafood Expo had obtained large orders of several million dirhams, including 10 million alone fishmeal.

To sum up, the fisheries sector adds 2 to 3% of Morocco’s GDP and 16% of its entire exports.

In 2013, Morocco exported to more than 14 billion dirhams of Seafood 74% to Europe. Revenue account that the United two times by 2020.
Implement a policy of exploring new markets in support to exporting corporations, participation in worldwide fairs and the organization of information and communication campaigns that utilize the quality and variety of fishery products in Morocco.

Mohamed Dekkak