Morocco Launches New Project to Help Youth Find Good Jobs

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Young Moroccan will have a chance for a better future by the help of a newly launched 4-Morocco Launches New Project to Help Youth Find Good Jobsyear project, co-sponsored by the International Labour Organization (ILO). Through 2016, the “Young People at Work” project will help “youths get into paid employment, entrepreneurship and business creation, while also explaining financial services”, as stated by the official of ILO.

With the help of Canadian development agency form funding the project that will help young Moroccan participants to learn management skills and understand how the business really works. “It’s an interesting scheme, which has come along at what is certainly a difficult time, but it’s up to young people to take the opportunity to benefit from it by developing their professional knowledge and keeping up with the changing needs of the market”, according to the agency.
Developing public-private partnership is one of the method in which youth employment will be promoted.
The Economic and Social Council acknowledges that long-term structural reforms are needed to address the issue of jobless youth. “With unemployment affecting between 9% and 11% of young Moroccans, the government must come up with an adequate response,” as the member of Social Youth Movement ended.