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A U.S. official convinced that Morocco has tools to become key player on internationalMorocco have Key Players on the International Scene scene. A cyber security expert visited Rabat and he stated that almost all of the delegates of Atlantic Dialogues have the competence to play in a leading role in the management and resolutions of international affairs.
For the last time edition, almost 400 experts from different countries and they’re having gatherings with the said event under the patronage of one of the respected person. One of the very known expert who is currently in Rabat found out that the third “Atlantic Dialogues” gathering which is held annually, brought together high-level policymakers, business leaders, media and opinion-shapers from around the Atlantic basin.
“I am very familiar with Morocco. This is a country that has a strong international profile and a rich cultural and historical heritage,” said the expert. The American expert has made it clear she sees great potential in Morocco.
She also noted and applauded the Kingdom’s recent efforts, stating “The country has undergone tremendous reforms that have had a positive impact on the daily lives of Moroccans,” he ended.