Morocco and Japan to partner up in support of renewable energy

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Morocco is continuing its goal to promote the production of energy from renewable sources. The country has been working hard and partnering up with other nations to develop sustainable energy in the country.


Minister of Energy, Mines, Water and the Environment, Abdelkader Amara

On Friday, the minister of Energy, Mines, Water and the Environment Abdelkader Amara met with Mr. Tetsuro Yano, the Chairman of the Association of African Economy and Development Japan (AFRECO) during the latter’s visit to the Kingdom wherein new prospects of strengthening the Moroccan-Japanese partnership was discussed.

The Moroccan Minister commented that the department is highly interested in Japanese investments in the field of energy in a perspective of a bigger cooperation which includes sub-Saharan Africa.  He also added that the Moroccan-Japanese relation is welcomed and being looked forward to.

Mr. Yano, also a former Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs of Japan, praised the long-standing relationship between the two countries and that the agreement on Japan’s investment to Morocco’s effort to boost the sustainable energy sector is already on the finalization stage.

Both the minister and the chairman are looking forward to the upcoming Japan-Morocco Forum which will be held in December this year at the nation’s capital, Rabat.