Morocco: An International Festival Appeals for Peace and Tolerance

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Morocco An International Festival Appeals for Peace and Tolerance

Morocco An International Festival Appeals for Peace and Tolerance

Tangier, Morocco.

Carried out under the theme “Travelers, the Ambassadors of Peace”, this year’s International Festival of Ibn Battuta which is on its second edition, has successfully pulled off its 4 day festive event filled with informative and engaging activities.

Held last November 9 to 12, 2017, the festival was attended by thousands of local and international visitors coming from a wide range of communities and industries. Writers, actors, speakers, performers, professionals, and volunteers coming from different parts of the globe come together to organize and make this festival a remarkable celebration of peace and understanding amongst multi-cultural diversities.

The Moroccan Association of Ibn Battuta founder Aziz Bennami hopes to promote the inspiring story of Ibn Battuta as a traveler, who, at a young age has traveled to many parts of the globe, in the span of 30 years. He wishes to foster the legacy and the ideals contributed by the Muslim explorer to encourage today’s generation to develop the culture of traveling as a means to promote peace and tolerance to the world.

The event has prepared series of conferences, arts exhibitions, live cultural music, stage performances, theater plays and film shows. Collection of manuscripts on the journey of Ibn Battuta were put on display as well as paintings and sculptures of local artists. Well known performers such as Naj and Samia Tawil also participated in live evening concerts. Professionals coming from different fields of travel, culture, and arts were also invited to share some of their expertise.

Through this international festival, Ibn Battuta’s message of peace and tolerance has been effectively conveyed to the present and future generation. A message that will hopefully bring to light all the positive aspects of human values. Mohamed Dekkak, the association’s Honorary President extends his gratitude to all the volunteers who believed in the vision and participated in the event. To everyone who offered their precious time, talent and resources.

It is the dream of the Moroccan Association of Ibn Battuta to continue raising awareness of the value of seeking peace and tolerance through the culture of traveling exhibited by Morocco’s very own Ibn Battuta.