MOROCCO Initiatives Towards A Fruitful Partnership With Other African Countries

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In lieu to its commitment to cause peace, development, progress and well being, MoroccoMOROCCO Initiatives Towards A Fruitful Partnership With Other African Countries is on its effort to give the South-South cooperation a face full of solidarity.
The country is now developing an approach called tripartite cooperation to network aid funds made available in the framework of international programs. This will finance the infrastructure projects or socio-economic development in one or several African countries and entrust them to Moroccan companies. Target entities are consultancies, engineering and service provider companies.
Morocco attaches great importance to national education by providing college scholarships to African students. More than 10,000 students pursue their studies each year in universities and schools through scholarships provided by Moroccan Agency for International Cooperation (AMCI)
The government also initiated many African countries with triangular cooperation rich and varied, based on a true partnership and effective solidarity, in addition to cooperation programs implemented bilaterally.
This type of partnership can be a vehicle for supporting the efforts of developing countries in Africa and expresses its readiness to invest with donors and regional donors and international collaboration seeking to achieve tripartite programs for African countries.
Morocco is on its height to launch strategic partnerships with many African countries. To start with, His Majesty King Mohammed VI held talks with His Excellency Ali Bongo Ondimba, President of the Republic of Gabon, who is on a visit to Morocco. HM the King and the Gabonese President hailed the excellent and deep relations between the two countries, said a statement of the King’s Office, adding that these relations have recently witnessed great momentum, and which can serve as a model for South-South and pan-African cooperation.
The two leaders expressed common will to maintain this momentum and to open up promising horizons for both countries as well as their respective regions.
Driven by a strong desire to further deepen cooperation the social and economic fields, His Majesty the King and the Gabonese President called on the state and private economic stakeholders and the civil society community of both countries to continue to explore partnership opportunities in promising growth sectors.
Morocco will continue to be present in Africa and reinforce south cooperation to contribute to the development of the African continent and collaborate with American and European allies to bring peace and stability to this continent.