Morocco as India’s Gateway to Europe, Africa and North America

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Morocco as India’s Gateway to Europe, Africa and North America

Morocco as India’s Gateway to Europe, Africa and North America

A Moroccan business delegation currently visiting India was quoted saying that Morocco can be a strategic access for Indian business to be able to market to North America, Europe and Africa, after all, Morocco has free trade agreements with these regions.

Jawad Kerdoudi, Moroccan Institute for International Relations or Institut Marocain des Relations Internationales (IMRI) President in an interview at the Observer Research Foundation said that Morocco is a member of North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and has free trade agreements with Europe.

Given Morocco’s strategic location on the western edge of North Africa with a substantial Atlantic coastline just a stone’s throw away from Europe, Morocco could be India’s economic entry point into both Francophone Africa and European economies. Taking into consideration both in terms of economic cooperation and security collaboration, Morocco can be an important lead for India in Africa. Kerdoudi explained that one of IMRI’s objective is to promote the Moroccan trade with other nations and proposed a framework for a three way collaboration involving countries like Africa, India and Morocco.

Because the organization is very much present in the continent, it can manage a trilateral agreement between Morocco, India and Africa, ensuring that it will benefit all three countries. Since Morocco has long been connected to Europe, the country would like to diversify its relations to Latin America, Africa and Asia, most importantly, India.

Present during last year’s India – Africa Forum Summit was no less that King Mohammed VI of Morocco. According to reports, trade between two countries accounts to $1.36 billion with exports from India to Morocco amounting to $500.5 million and imports values at $855.8 million.

Given the right approach, Morocco and India could acquire greater benefits. Morocco could enhance its access to the Indian market. India could use Morocco as a stage for the entire Africa making Morocco become a motivating trade and economic spot to potential Indian investors and at the same time African countries could gain from this important trade partnership to obtain access to the Indian market. Morocco places itself as the new gateway to Africa.

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