Morocco in great position to become an African hub

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The Moroccan proficiency in the equity allows the country to pick up the driving force of this industry on the African continent. Its administrative and macroeconomic stability, connectivity with the world and the development of its MENA logistics particularly in Africa are assets that facilitate its work.

Morocco in great position to become an African hub

Morocco in great position to become an African hub

With its capabilities, Morocco is secure to become an African hub of the capital investment as concluded by the Deputy Director of Casablanca Finance City (CFC) and other participants at the conference held in Paris. Another consideration is the strong presence of Moroccan banks on the African financial market.

In addition, Africa exhibits a great potential for the development of private equity. But needs more push to reach and attract the necessary investors; hence the interest to create entry points as CFCs to boost the financial sector in general and in particular private equity. This place is a certified ecosystem, bringing together financial companies, regional headquarters of multinational companies, professional service providers and holding companies.

The key topic chosen for the 5th day of the Annual Conference of the Moroccan Association of Capital Investors has something to do with the other index on African ambitions of the Moroccan capital investment with the theme “The private equity from Morocco to Africa.” The organizers expect the participation of over 200 professionals.

Morocco has started receiving private equity for the last 15 years only. Today, 94% of the amounts raised for Morocco are by trans-regional funds, assets in the Kingdom but also in North Africa and in other African countries.

Regardless of the first free market regulatory framework, Moroccan private equity industry has succeeded in structuring and professionalization. All these assets allow Morocco to calmly deal with the African market.

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