Morocco First Solar Tracker, to be developed

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A Spanish company in partnership with the International University of Rabat (UIR) plans to promote industrial integration in the field of renewable energy.

Morocco First Solar Tracker, to be developed

Morocco First Solar Tracker, to be developed

The signed strategic partnership will eventually lead to the development of Morocco’s first solar energy tracker called “Made in Morocco”.

The partnership is based on the pooling the IP portfolio by parties, their efforts and their proficiency to provide better industrial integration. Correspondingly, the IUR will utilize its research and development activities on its College of renewable energy and the expertise of its researchers.

According to the Spanish company, its decision was made to reinforce the strategy and to invest both in Morocco and Africa. The company has faith in the potential of which abound Morocco and the African continent.

“Made in Morroco” solar tracker will establish an intelligent monitoring of sunlight for solar power plants and photovoltaic plants in concentration. A third party is added to the project that will provide the solar trackers.  The third party is deemed to be a world leader in the design of solar trackers solutions, and their participation is crucial in the development and success of the project.

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