MOROCCO as exporter of auto parts commenced

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Last week, The Renault-Nissan plant in Tangier celebrated the start of the 100 000th carMOROCCO as exporter of auto parts commenced destined for export via the Tangier Med port.
During the event, Renault Morocco Group announced the start of exports of parts produced in Morocco (ILN), with 1st shipments to Brazil’s platform.
Since its inauguration in February 2012, the plant exports to more than 25 destinations around the world, including France, Spain, Austria, Belgium, Poland, Turkey, Switzerland and Africa .
This performance was achieved thanks to the policy of continuous improvement, led by the plant in its process and in the management of its staff, said a statement from Renault.
The average production increased to 400 vehicles per day in 2013, with an ultimate goal to produce 600 cars per day, the statement said, noting that this brand new course takes the important place that the Renault-Nissan plant in Tangier exports of the group and its willingness to continue its efforts to become a major platform for trade with the outside world.