Morocco, an entryway to Africa

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Morocco is an entryway to Africa, according to Mexico’s Deputy Foreign Secretary, Arab world, Carlos de Icaza Gonzalez.

Morocco, an entryway to Africa

Morocco, an entryway to Africa

He also stated that Mexico’s preference to start a worldwide trade office in Morocco is due to its exceptional geo-strategic position and the chances the country proffers.

Mexico has newly opened a trade office in Casablanca, its first in Africa, saying it will act as a bridge for business and investment prospects on that continent.

Morocco is motivating first as an export center for the continent and the North African region, highlighting the will of numerous large firms to invest in Morocco in various divisions.

According to the deputy foreign secretary, they are with some important firms in the food industry which is the largest producer and exporter of bread. He also added that in the food sector, which has 101 factories surrounding the world and is the bigesst exporter and producer of corn and flour, and building material sector (active in 50 countries), which is the largest producer and exporter of concrete. Mexico’s strategy in Morocco is to bring Mexican firms to remain in the Kingdom and go on with the enlargement across the continent.

With the information gathered, they have recognized that the actual doorway to the continent and Europe is Morocco. In 2013, Morocco exported 679 million dirhams in products to Mexico and imported some 422 million dirhams.

Mohamed Dekkak