Morocco Energy Consumption, eyeing for 12% reduction by 2020

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Morocco’s “energy efficiency strategy” plans to reduce the Kingdom’s energy consumptionMorocco energy consumption reduction with 12% ease by year 2020 of which almost 50,000 new jobs can be created.

Last week, the Moroccan Minister Energy said that Morocco has to import heavily to meet its domestic demand and aims to cover 42% of its needs from renewable by 2020.

The Minister explains that the Kingdom is expecting four times of electricity demand by 2030 and this strategy will save 12% energy output by 2020 and 15% by 2030. He took note that it is important to give attention with the demand management that such strategy could help key areas and large consumers of energy in transport, industry and building sectors not to experience a large effect of the reduction.

On a recent survey, this strategy is expected to generate new 36,800 jobs with high demand on engineers, technicians and skilled workers. Another 13,300 jobs could be created in therenewable energy sector alone.

Presently, Morocco is specializing mega-projects such as solar park Ouarzazate (south) and the, wind, Tarfaya (south-west) to significantly increase its shares globally in renewable energy.