Morocco commences $742 million infrastructure projects

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Morocco has declared the beginning of numerous key infrastructure projects in its economic capital Casablanca as well as the construction of the second line of tramway and expansion of the first line besides advancement of the city road network and structuring of a tunnel on the national highway RN1 in direction of Al jadida and two bypass roads.

Morocco launches $742m infrastructure projects

Morocco launches $742m infrastructure projects

His Majesty King Mohammed VI commenced these projects in the territory of Ain Sbaa-Hay Mohammadi regions in Casablanca as part of the 2015-2020 strategic development plan for the city.

The development of Casablanca tramway network, which its project value is MAD 4.28 billion, intends to progressively get to 110 km-long network in the next six years.

The Casablanca road network, which is established to expand at a cost of MAD3.17 billion, is approximated to be equipped by 2020.

The bypass roads and the tunnel intend remarkably to get results to traffic jam at the south-eastern gate of Casablanca, assurance the connection of the Rabat Al Jadida and Casablanca-Mohammed V International Airport street and create direct access to the Casablanca Finance City from the airport.

These development projects are planned to make better the living situations of local populace and come with the demographic and urban advancement in Casablanca.

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