Morocco commemorates 15th anniversary under King Mohammed VI’s Leadership

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On 30th of July, the Moroccans celebrate their 15th anniversary of the reign of King Mohammed VI. Since ascending the throne in 1999, the King has accelerated and strengthened an extensive range of social, economic reforms and democratic started by his father, King Hassan II, to enhance the lives of individual citizens and empower the institutions that stand for them. King Mohammed has also bolstered Morocco’s venerable and longstanding partnership with the US, and intensified Morocco’s bonds in Africa and the Middle East to endorse and uphold religious tolerance, stability, security and economic progress in the state.

Morocco commemorates 15th anniversary under King Mohammed VI's Leadership

Morocco commemorates 15th anniversary under King Mohammed VI’s Leadership

In 2004, King Mohammed urged for improvement of Morocco’s family code (Moudawana), now one of the most progressive in the Arab World, to confer women equal rights in marriage and divorce. King Mohammed oversaw creation of the National Initiative for Human Development (INDH), which has reduced poverty in rural areas, improved access to education, health care, electricity and potable water, and created sustainable economic growth producing employments and enlargement to support communities in 2006.

In 2011, he made new reforms to the Constitution, which was consequently assumed by national referendum. The objective was to merge democracy, devolve power to local governments, strengthen human rights and the rule of law and broaden individual freedoms.

Morocco’s pledge to democratic advancement and peaceful variation has broadened beyond its borders.  Under the leadership of the King, who has vigorously reached out to nearby countries and leaders to intensify relations, Morocco has signed cooperation conformities with nations across North and sub-Saharan Africa enhancing religious moderation, economic growth and security.

Morocco has also strengthened its affiliations with the US and Europe, together with Africa and the MENA region.

Mohamed Dekkak