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Morocco Celebrates International Cultures through Music

Morocco Celebrates International Cultures through Music

An entertainment event would not be complete without music. The International Festival of Ibn Battuta has several festive activities lined up to make this celebration an event to remember in Morocco. The music concert intends not only to celebrate Ibn Battuta’s life journeys and experience the rich cultural traditions of Morocco but also to bring together the different nations and cultures closer to Morocco.

This is why visitors will be able to witness foreign people attending to perform music that presents their cultures as well. This festival is going to be a unique platform that celebrates different cultures of the world to promote unity and harmony.


About the International Festival of Ibn Battuta

The festival will be happening on November 9 to 12, 2017 and will be held in the city of Tangier. The festival intends to celebrate the life, journeys, learning, experiences, and personality of Ibn Battuta.

He was a Moroccan born Muslim and his legacy is kept alive by commemorating the significant contributions he has made to this world through his travel literatures.

He explored the Asian sub-continent in the 14th century, and today his journeys are the best way to get an insight into what the world, nations, and civilizations would have been like back then.

By celebrating Ibn Battuta, we are honoring his contributions and achievements as well as encouraging the present social, cultural and economic relations of Morocco to strengthen with other countries of the world.

Music festivities in Morocco

Music is soul and life. There are several music festivities that have been planned for the Ibn Battuta festival. Through this various forms of arts and culture will be appreciated and celebrated. Several local bands of Morocco will perform at the music concert to pay tribute to Ibn Battuta. The singers and performers will also perform to depict the true essence of the Moroccan culture at its best.

Music celebrations to promote other cultures

The Kingdom of Morocco welcomes artists, singers, and celebrities coming from different parts of the world to participate in this festival. The musicians will perform songs and play different types of music. The Moroccan people are as excited about celebrating other traditions and cultures as they are to celebrate their heroes.

Ibn Battuta – proponent of peace

Ibn Battuta was one of the biggest proponents of peace, harmony, and unity. It is why in this festival visitors will see everything happening with a positive intention to promote peace and love all around.

The biggest highlight of the travels of Ibn Battuta is that he explored regions, cultures, and traditions with lots of respect for them. The understanding and admiration that this great man had for other nations and other cultures are what needs to be learned by modern people to make this world a better and peaceful place to live in.


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