Morocco to attain more than 90% of MDGs

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Morocco will attain more than 90% of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) set by the end of 2015, according to high commissioner for planning, Ahmed Lahlimi Alami.

Morocco to attain more than 90% of MDGs

Morocco to attain more than 90% of MDGs

The MDGs indicators prove that tremendous scarcity and famine were vitually wiped out from Morocco since the year 2000 and the multidimensional forms of poverty are on the fade in the urban region.

Nevertheless, he noted that these multidimensional forms of poverty, in spite of their falling off, remain a feature of the rural region and less urbanized regions, ascribing his MDGs approximates in Morocco to a schooling rate of 97% of kids aged 6-11 in 2012 and a 91% equivalence index in primary education over 2011-2012. Morocco created development also in the health division mostly diminishing maternal and child mortality by 60% and 66% in twenty years.

Commissioner Alami also averred that access to basic social services was strengthened with the percentage of rural electrification recipients standing at 98% in 2012 against 9.7% in 1994, and that of drinking water at 93% versus 14%.

The high commissioner for planning emphasized that Morocco was able to preserve, since the year 2000, an average annual progress rate of 4.4% between 2000 and 2014, remarking that joblessness rate slumped since 1999 with a minor upsurge since 2011 to arrive at around 9.8% in 2014.

Mohamed Dekkak