Morocco is Arab World’s Top Exporter of Wine

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According to Reuters’ report, Morocco is the top exporter of wine in the Arab WorldMorocco is Arab World’s Top Exporter of Wine which assigned 37 thousand acres of land for the farming of grapes and vines utilized in the production of wine.
The Kingdom’s wine industry gives ten thousand permanent jobs, with additional seasonal workers employed throughout the grape-harvesting season, the report added. Impressively, Morocco’s production and consumption of wine grew this year.

The vineyards are largely focused in Meknes, the same spot wherein Romans and Phoenicians are utilized to grow grapes long time ago.

Wine production attained its peak throughout the era of French colonization, where the French grow different types of vines to solve the needs at that time of French settlers in Morocco. Following the independence of Morocco, the company, Les Celliers de Meknès, became the country’s largest producer of wine that controls a lion’s share of 70 percent of Morocco’s wine production.

Owned by a King Hassan II’s previous advisor, Les Celliers de Meknès produces many wine variation with 27 million production bottles each year, which is only a percentage of the overall number of bottles marketed local and abroad around forty million bottles.
Moroccan wine producers aim to join California, Chile, and South Africa as of the major producers of wine in the world.

In a statement made by Les Celliers de Meknes, American consumers in the U.S.  are really attracted to their wines. The people are curious on finding out different products. At present, markets such as Japan and China, along with the traditional markets, which are Belgium, France, and the Netherlands, are turning out to be even more interested. The company is very much interested in these new markets and believes that it also have a big possibility to meet any future demand.