Morocco Airport improves detection baggage scanner

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The Morocco Civil Aviation Authority selected the Smiths Detection to set up its innovative high-speed hold baggage explosives detection system, the HI-SCAN 10080 XCT, in the new passenger terminal at Marrakech’s Menara Airport.

Morocco Airport improves detection baggage scanner

Morocco Airport improves detection baggage scanner

This detection provides an appearance solution based dual-energy, dual-view X-ray technology and Computed Tomography (CT). Its sizeable passageway opening and fast belt speed of 98 feet for evert minute (0.5 metres per second) allows screening of up to 1800 bags for every hour.

The first of its kind from a North African nation strongly follows same agreements with Bremen Airport, Germany and Santiago International Airport in Chile.

The aforementioned device is the quickest, largest tunnel-sized checked baggage screening system that is EU Standard 3 and TSA certified.

It was reported that this order exemplifies both growing partnership with ONDA and the acknowledgement by major airports that this innovative technology gives a perfect, cost-efficient combination of improved baggage security and quicker throughput.

This proffers advanced security solutions in military and civil markets international, enhancing and manufacturing government-regulated technology products that assist and help detect and recognize chemical, explosives and biological agents, radiological and weapons, narcotics, nuclear threats and contraband.

Mohamed Dekkak