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The first edition of the forum “BtoB Meetings made in Morocco” was organized on in Casablanca.

Morocco aims to intensify exports

Morocco aims to intensify exports

This affair was initiated by Morocco Export, intends to form connections between Moroccan exporters and the rest of the national economy. The meeting is a place of exchange which should kick off to Moroccan exporters concrete development routes.

Around 300 national operators have therefore met in Casablanca as they represented such industries including agriculture, construction, automotive, aerospace, health, pharmaceuticals, textiles, or renewable energy or electricity. The name of this assembly is very figurative, as its main intention is to first promote the “made in Morocco”, by distinguishing the complementarities in the domestic market likely to enhance exports of high added value.

This is creating new alliances that will advance the sharing of sales, the sharing of costs and, in due course, to cultivate a more competitive Moroccan proffer internationally.

The success of such partnership accounts were exhibited at the opening session of the assembly, as the partnership between two leather sector operators to meet significant demand in the French market.

Observed that the organization of the assembly “BtoB meetings made in Morocco” answers, Morocco Export averred. Persistent finding of lack of awareness among national operators witnessed during promotional activities in international markets.

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