Morocco Aerospace’s Boosting Investor’s Appetite

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Morocco Aerospace’s Stimulating Investor’s AppetiteThe aerospace industry of the Kingdom of Morocco is considered as a key sector of the national industry. As it continues to perform promisingly, foreign investors’ enthusiasm is boosting up.

Morocco is positioned now in privileged destination of aerospace subcontracting, as evidenced by the strong presence of French and Canadian industry that have confidence in the Kingdom and the various advantages it presents.

Moroccan aviation platform has many advantages that make today’s “competitive” in the Mediterranean. According to the experts, the aviation sector in Morocco has an average growth rate of 15 to 20 pc per annum. It grew by 13.8 pc to October 2013, according to figures from the Exchange Office.

The recent expansion of the aviation sector has resulted in the extension in February; the Tanger Factory Souriau Company specializing in the manufacture of interconnect dedicated to the aerospace solutions, defense and space, passing 7,500 m² to 10,700 m² of production.

This development is accompanied by a hired plane sustained over the next three years, which will allow Souriau Morocco to spend more than 550 employees in 2016.

The Export Tangier zone (TFZ) was chosen as a location in March 2013, two specialized industrial units in the manufacture of individual parts aero structures and treatment and coating of surfaces, use including aerospace.

Meanwhile, the city of Agadir was recently established an Institute of Civil Aviation and Space (IACE), a partnership between the International University of Agadir and engineering company Moroccan “CORE”.Unique on the African continent, this project an investment of 10 million dirhams (MDH) for the first year in 2014, aims to be a center of excellence with many African and European partners. The aviation sector, which shows a very pronounced economic coloration, necessitated the inauguration in September, integrated industrial platform dedicated to careers in aeronautics and “Midparc space.

The creation of an investment fund dedicated to the aerospace and security of supply of electricity platform has also been the signing of two agreements. The aviation sector began, and with strength, a new phase with the arrival of new businesses and the integration of innovative value-added technologies. With all these ingredients, Moroccan aeronautical revenue can only appeal to both domestic and foreign investors.