Morocco, To Add More Concentrated Solar Power Plants

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Government of Morocco has announced that two more concentrated solar power plants Morocco, To Add More Concentrated Solar Power Plants(CSP) that can generate 200MW and 100 MW will be added in the Southern City of Ouarzazate.

Last Year Acwa Power of Saudi Arabia bagged the contract for the first CSP Plant in Morocco for an offer of $0.19 per kilowatt/hour. The construction of the first CSP plant in the country with 160 MW was inaugurated this May 2013.

World Bank’s Clean Technology Fund, the European Investment Bank and German state-owned KfW Bank will financed the announced new projects.

Experts assigned on the projects will be using parabolic mirror technology for the 200 MW concentrated solar plant, while a solar power tower was chosen to build the 100 MW plant.

Morocco has been generally reliant on Spain’s energy imports but this path might change soon as Morocco has signed a contract to build a 318 MW coal-fired plant with a Chinese firm Sepco III to expand the country’s energy resources.

With these, Morocco is expected to become an energy exporter as its energy demand is increasing at 7% per annum.

On top of these, government owned ONEE has reached an agreement with international lenders to construct about 10 solar photovoltaic plants around the country to produce 30 MW apiece.

This forms part of an initiative by Morocco to generate 2.0 GW of solar power by 2020, which is equivalent to about 38% of the country’s current installed generation capacity.