Moroccan wastewater treatment plant revealed

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Mohammed VI, King of Morocco, has launched the Boukhalef wastewater treatment plant rehabilitation project in Morocco.

Moroccan wastewater treatment plant unveiled

Moroccan wastewater treatment plant unveiled

A large-scale water and wastewater company in England, the Biwater, was awarded the conformity to design, plan and restore the treatment plant.

This project is part of the nation’s endeavors to invest in reprocess solutions, which control wastewater for succeeding functions. In this occurrence, feedwater will go thorough pre-treatment, biological treatment, tertiary treatment including disinfection, and sludge dewatering by solar drying. The consequential water will be utilized to irrigate the near grounds.

According to Yassine Laib, Country Manager of Biwater, they are delighted to to support the customers in planning sustainable and proper technologies that will endure the test of time in Morocco.

Boukhalef wastewater treatment plant rehabilitation works have enhanced the eminence of sewage release to go beyond global standards and to meet Morocco’s necessities for irrigation water for the green areas in Southern Tangier, as well as for recycle on golf courses.

Civil engineering works were needed along with the installation of the latest electromechanical equipment, electricity and automation courses and tertiary treatment services. Meanwhile, the facility will be enlarged to boost the capacity with additional amplification tanks structured ahead of 2017.

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