Moroccan researcher wins 2014 International Nobel Prize in Engineering

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A Moroccan researcher has been awarded a Nobel Award because of its excellence Moroccan Researcher Rachid Yzamiin the field of Engineering.
Rachid Yazami received the 2014 Charles Stark Draper Prize by the National Academy of Engineering (NAE) of Washington DC in recognition of his work in relation with the development of rechargeable lithium batteries 30 years ago.
Acknowledged as one of the world’s outstanding awards for engineering success, the Charles Stark Draper Prize for Engineering awards an engineer whose achievement has greatly affected the community by enhancing the quality of life, offering the chance to live freely and easily, and giving informational access.
The Draper prize is named for MIT professor¬†Charles Stark Draper, the “father of inertial navigation”, and Draper Laboratory founder.

The National Academy of Engineering annually awards the Charles Stark Draper Prize, which is given for the advancement of engineering and the education of the public about engineering.
Aside from the esteemed prize, Yzami will also receive $500,000 cash to all awarded on February 18 at the US capital during a ceremony which will mark this year the 25th anniversary of the Draper Prize.