Moroccan Port is Poised as Modern Trade Hub

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A very modern port, speedy train system, and the largest car plantation in Northern Africa,Moroccan Port is Poised as Modern Trade Hub these are the major factors why the Moroccan city of Tangiers is fast becoming a new trading hub.

At present, the city is now coming across to profit from its prime location close to Europe. It’s closeness to Europe and low operating costs have made the port attractive to European companies, such as French car giant Renault.

The Moroccan port is receiving two million passengers and three million containers a year and capacities are expected to double as authorities plan to pump $1 billion dollars into the port.

The Tangier Med program will develop the existing free zone to cater more than 500 companies. The zone has already created tens of thousands of jobs so far.

Tangiers tourism and culture are also being developed. Beaches are famed and plans to build a theater and cultural center in the historic old city have been revealed.