Moroccan Olive Oil to Outshine at Sol & Agrifood 2014

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As part of the implementation of the “Green Morocco Plan” concerning the development of agri-food exports strategy, Morocco is participatingolives and olive oil for the first time through the Autonomous Establishment of control and coordination of exports (EACCE) at the Salon “Sol & Agrifood” which will be held from 6 to 9 April 2014 in Verona, Italy.
Chaired by the Ministry of Agriculture and Marine Fisheries, the Moroccan delegation is composed of senior officials of the department of agriculture and a dozen of private operators in the olive sector who will present the richness, diversity and quality olive oil Moroccan.
Covering an area of 128 m2, the Moroccan Pavilion is made of a modern and authentic concept reflecting the image and reception as it is perpetuated in Morocco for centuries.
The lodge also has a tasting room which will be led by Moroccan experts in sensory analysis of olive oil for visitors to discover the taste of the product Morocco.
In addition to this area, a series of meetings is scheduled B to B between Moroccan operators and major OEMs globally.

Mohamed Dekkak