Moroccan Engineers Change Waste into Energy

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Moroccan engineers have nurtured an innovative technology named SMO® which utilizes a solar oven to change waste into energy and reprocess carbon dioxide.

Moroccan Engineers Change Waste into Energy

Moroccan Engineers Change Waste into Energy

The latest technology is a part of the North South cooperation projects, which lets a second life to our waste.

Cultivated in Marrakech, SMO® is the only process in the world capable to create a solar pyrolysis from wet waste with no prior arranging.

The solar oven SMO® is capable to handle up to 27 tons of waste each day, with an electricity production of 1.2 MWh per day, whereas reusing its CO2 simultaneously.

The technology utlizes solar energy changing moist carbon compounds into fuel and plastics without discharging greenhouse gases with the use of independent energy.

The project obtained monetary support from Moroccan Agency for Solar Energy (MASEN), the government body that bears and endorses solar energy, according to a report.

SMO® has been cultivated in phases. Phase I (C1) started in February 2014 in Marrakech. NST and PEPS suppose the full SMO® procedure to work at its complete aptitude within two years from its commencement.

Moroccan engineers intend to produce a C2 unit with a gasification reactor to alter all carbon syngas made by C1, the report remarked.

Additionally, they intend to make the C3 unit, a reactor with the selection to compact methane into petroleum products, whereas still recycling all CO2.

For SMO® to change waste into energy, large quantities of solid sunlight are required including that from tropical Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

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