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A well prepared Research and Development (R & D) must take its part in the Moroccan energy landscape according to the the Minister of Energy, Moroccan energy landscape; More to Research and DevelopmentMines, Water and Environment in Rabat.

He added that R & D integration in the national energy plan includes the materialization of new sectors with high added value in the seventh Board of Directors Research Institute of Solar energy and new energy (IRESEN). This course of action is to aid the industrial assimilation and upscale the knowledge and know-how to boost Morocco in the position as a leader in renewable energy at the regional level.

Since its creation in 2011, IRESEN has launched five calls for projects, thus contributing to the development of human capital and formation of local skills.

The mobilization of more than 200 doctoral students, master students and engineers under the supervision of more than 40 Moroccan researchers in the field of renewable energies was conducted within the research framework of projects sponsored by IRESEN. Thus, the minister announced an orientation of the projects chosen under calls for IRESEN to research proposal and to pool assets and guarantee efficient operation of research utility.

Expected this year, IRESEN is said to surpass 100 million dirhams brought by two new calls for projects dealing with photovoltaic, wind, solar thermal coupled by biomass.

Mohamed Dekkak